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Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), 

Women Business Enterprise (WBE)

beltway paving headquarters

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Christine Williams, Beltway Paving of Southern Maryland's Chief Executive Officer worked together with the Governor of Maryland and local governments to push through the Working for Adequate Gains for Employment in Services/WAGES Act. H.R.650 

amending the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) to establish a base minimum wage for tipped employees.  

Paving crew poses for a picture on the job

A Third Generation Company

As a third-generation Beltway Paving Company owner/operator, Christine Williams continues 

our 55 year legacy of merit and distinction by honoring the memory of her 

grandparents, Beltway Company founders -  Ervin and Evelyn Williams.  

Beginning at the age of 12, Christine was a constant companion alongside her 

grandparents, learning the operations of the business which they founded in 1966. 


Having experienced all aspects of the asphalt and concrete business, Ms. Williams has positioned herself over the years to be at the forefront of modern technology 

 by exploring the latest green alternatives within the construction industry.

Beltway Paving of Southern Maryland is the only woman owned and operated union 

paving company serving the Washington Metropolitan Area.

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We are an employee driven company that takes great   pride in our customer service, work standards, and outstanding safety record.

Self-performing at 99%, Beltway has the industry knowledge and the diverse skills that will ensure quality control and experienced oversight of your project.

woman owned and operated paving company
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